South African Property Information

South African Property Information

At you will find loads of information you may need to buy, sell, maintain, beautify and enjoy your own home.

Many South African homeowners, property buyers and sellers have questions about their property, or some aspect about their homes or investment real estate. wants to provide the information and answers you are looking for.

Very few people buy and sell property often enough to ever become expert buyers and sellers. For most people, the purchase or sale of immovable property is a rare experience which should not be spoiled by unnecessary complications.

If you have owned your current home or other real estate for a couple of years, many of the rules that applied to property when you bought your home may have changed. The South African democracy is still a baby at 11 years of age, and many of the laws that applied ten years ago have been repealed or amended. Get information about such changes in the property market and allow us to point you to up-to-date real estate related laws.

The documents, terms, processes and concepts ivolving immovable property may not be simple logic or common knowledge. The purchase and sale of immovable property are complex transactions requiring special skills and knowledge. If you have questions about some aspect of real estate, and you cannot find the information in our articles, please contact us. We know our stuff, and even if we don't know, we have a network of real estate experts that will!

Being informed can reduce the risks involved in a property transaction and also avoid any unnecessary stress and doubts when either buying or selling real estate.

Our guides for buyers, sellers, owners, landlords and tenants are kept up to date and reliable. Important South African property and interest rate news will be regularly posted to keep you informed.

You will find home buying tips for buyers when looking for properties to buy, selling tips for property sellers when their home is in the market as well as tips for sellers on what to look for when deciding on an agent to sell their real estate.

You will have access to explanations of words and phrases in the Offer to Purchase contract that can be difficult to understand, an explanation of the steps involved in the property transfer process after signing a contract, as well as answers to frequently asked questions when dealing with various aspects of real estate.

At Huis-Huis Eiendomme Properties, we believe that there are few better alternatives to real estate in South Africa as an investment. You will find valuable information and discussions on finding great property investments and increasing your returns.

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